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If Life is A Highway, Sometimes You Gotta Put It In Neutral and Coast

Oct 01 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Uncategorized

Many years ago when I was very young I took a road trip with some friends.  We were going to the lake, a beautiful lake just outside of Winnipeg, and a place we had been many times before.  My friend and her boyfriend were with me, and on the way back he drove until he became too tired from a hangover to continue.  So I took over.  Having recently gotten my drivers license on my fourth try, perhaps I wasn’t the best choice, but what the hell.  I drove and drove, wondering why this two hour trip was turning into three, then four hours.  I was zooming past dense evergreen on a one lane highway, the red 1990’s Lumina like a bullet on the road.  I knew we were lost when the TransCanada highway signs only showed the highway number embedded in a maple leaf.  We were lost at night, on roads not meant for weekend tourists.  I turned to my friend and stated the blatantly obvious: “I think we’re lost.  And the gas light just went on.”  We debated a while about what to do, the the overriding idea was “don’t wake him up.”  Which of course we did, while we were debating.

Him: “What the hell is going on?”

“We’re lost.”

(Huge sigh): “Let me drive.”

He slowly turned the beast around and because there was a hill going into the city he put it into neutral and glided all the way down.  Then just as the sun was coming up we saw it lit up like a lighthouse, the glowing Petro Canada sign. He turned the car on and with the gas fumes we rolled into the station.

So what’s my point?  I don’t know if I have one but if anything it’s that sometimes you can make it to where you need to go, when the tank is empty and you’re slowly rolling on nothing but fumes and a prayer.

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God rest ye merry, gentlemen (& ladies)

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The wind is chill; but let it whistle as it will.

We’ll keep Christmas merry still.

- Sir Walter Scott

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And our assistant Kubo.


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