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Vague idea

Jan 31 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Music

I went to see Nouvelle Vague on their 5th show of the tour here in Toronto.

It was last Wednesday. We went to celebrate one of my favorite peoples birthday – Janice. She’s done styling for our shoots in the past and is super talented in all creative corners.

We ate at Gio’s (the nose) and headed over to what was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Following a long applause, the band came out and encored with “Bela lugosi’s dead” by Bauhaus.

By far my favorite song they cover. Dedicated to you Janice.

Happy belated birthday to our favorite Bella.

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Video du semain. Fine Young Cannibals.

Jan 13 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Music

Good thing.

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Video du semain

Jan 06 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Music

My all time favorite French singer. This is the title track from her last album 5:55

Visit her website at to hear her new album, which was produced by Beck.

Charlotte in the movie “I’m not there” as Bob Dylan’s wife

charlotte.gainsbourg.2Charlotte in French Vogue Dec/Jan 2008

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Vintage Las Valentias…

Jan 06 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

Just kidding. It’s more like a few years old at most. But we wanted to update our blog with previous press as we’ve received some really great coverage in the last few years since Erin started the brand in 2004.


Now Magazine 2005 – quilted yoke, striped wool bottom, fur trim.

Erin’s original style for Las Valentias was artful. I loved visiting her in the little white house that sat between one giant apartment building to the right and one mega super market to the left. It was beautiful and Victorian, proud and anachronistic. She joked that the sounds emanating from various pipes throughout the house would make one believe a cappuccino machine was busy at work.

Elle magazine 2005 – Patchwork jacket

In the back of the house Erin had a little studio that connected the hallway to the kitchen. It had two panned glass doors and a window looking out onto a little fenced in backyard with one sad little tree. I loved going into that room when I visited (which was frequent). It felt as though I was being allowed into the recess of Erin’s creativity. There was vintage art from France, old playgirl magazines, racks of the most interesting pieces of clothing with patches of silk screened leather surrounded by pleated lace and ribbon and feathers. The silk screens were of ships and deer and children’s story book art. There were books on every subject of interest to a girl like me. Fashion, art, textile, colour and fantasy.


Now Magazine 2007 – Erin

Erin took a break and worked at Franco Valeri Knitwear as a designer for some time. I had been working at Karbon for the previous 5 years under the same title. We were enjoying a bottle of something fermented when we threw the idea out there to relaunch Las Valentias together.


Now Magazine Spring 2008 – Tara and Erin at Richmond & Spadina

And so we did. We relaunched Spring 2008 and are now in our 6th season and enjoying every minute.

It’s been a twist of fate that I’m now working from a room similar to Erin’s original studio. One where all things inside, be it books, artwork, fabric or ephemera are like tiny parts of my creativity in the flesh. I joyfully relax and put my feet up in the recess of my own creativity, thanks to my partnership with one Erin Keatch.

(My apologize for the size of the pictures, I’m still learning the intricacies of this program and have yet to master them I’m sorry to say!).

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