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Made in the shade.

Mar 31 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Fashion events, media

plaid-sunglasses shootSneak peak of PLAID magazine shoot

Model is wearing the SIMONE dress – an origami kimono style frock whose print resembles cobblestone alleyways.

View this dress here lasvalentias/simone

Will keep you posted on the full shoot details once Odessa has launched the new issue. Stay tuned!

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Mad about Plaid

Mar 22 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” - Albert Einstein

Ain’t that the truth.

featureimagephoto by Sarah Brown for cover of Plaid magazine entitled “Lashes”

Odessa Paloma Parker recently started PLAID magazine – an online sanctuary for those dedicated to full spectrum clandestine design. Let’s face it – there are sufficient outlets in the magazine and online world covering the surface level of fashion and style. So what’s refreshing about PLAID is it’s focus on what I’m not hearing about anywhere else. Odessa hasn’t limited herself to one area of the design world. Her focus is to cover boutiques, designers, accessories and style icons ranging from haute to bas, local to foreign and cusp to proven.

Three print editions will be released throughout the year making this magazine a little more limited and a lot more special.

Click on the link below, add yourself to the mailing list and enjoy!

Plaid Magazine

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Video du semain – grizzly bear

Mar 18 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

Two weeks

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Honorable mention

Mar 17 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Fashion events, media

Colin Asuncion is a wonder man. He is pound for pound the best entertainer/artist/scholar/general person around. He performed in a production of West side story last year and promptly stole the show.


As per this photo, he’s pretty rad. Imagine our excitement when he invited Erin and I as guest judges in the SENSO SMC charity fashion show at U of T. It’s always a pleasure to support events for charity – this years funds going to help Haiti relief – but it was just as great to be on the same stage with Colin and enjoy the fun .

24258_378629029424_512774424_3652947_2784120_nHere we are judging the competition along with Colin. It was a fantastic night – I highly suggest you attend the next one!

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