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Someone will learn from you – jd salinger

Apr 18 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media


I love a good magazine. However as I mentioned here last week – there are very few stimulating and worthwhile publications which bother a read.

Then there is HOBO magazine. It is a true lifestyle magazine. Art, fashion, photography, film, music, travel, interviews and environment are all categorized in a symphony of cacophony. I mean this in the most sincere way. Because usually all these  subjects would be daunting and messy and poorly organized Рcasting shallow glances over whatever is new a la every other major magazine. But this is not HOBO.


Photo Jeff Petry

I first discovered HOBO by way of a friend a few years ago. I was happy to hear it was Canadian. She told me it was a travel magazine. Which is true if you consider the very act of  reading it as a traveling experience. Yet it is so much more. Although I could cover the breadth of people, place and things included in each issue, I would rather you discover it for yourself.

tumblr_kvy73sGWc71qzcxqyPhoto Henry Roy

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