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Mad trying to succeed.

Jun 29 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

I’ve got a date with the Mister – watching one of my classic favorites “How to succeed in business without really trying” starring Robert Morse.

Some may know him from “The loved One”, a satirical look at the funeral business in Los Angeles although this reminded me alot of Harold and Maude. Or rather, Harold and Maude reminded me a lot of IT.

Most of you know him today as Bertram Cooper on the very popular AMC “Mad Men“ drama.

New season begins in less than a month!

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100 miles

Jun 24 2010 Published by Las Valentias under city locations, media

We’ve recently been added to the website It acts as an online local fashion finder.

When you find something of interest you can explore a sample of the creators work on their personal page, read up on what the company is all about and view the map and address to check it out in person!

I really liked how many local places I love came up on my 100 mile find search when I entered my address. It was fun to see familiar brands/boutiques along with ones I haven’t yet had the pleasure of exploring.

To check out the site click here.

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Madness is Plaidness.

Jun 09 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

Take no prisoners PLAID magazine editor/CEO/femme extraordinaire asked us to an interview a few weeks ago with April Buordolone.

For the full interview Click here.

I am slow on the uptake as I was off internet for a few, what with moving and all. But I am so enamoured with this publication that I just HAD to ensure I passed not only this interview with us on (for obvious personal business reasons) but because I believe everyone I know should be reading this piece of vacation from ennui.

Odessa is the most fashion competent person I know and really SHOULD have been doing this sort of thing since before Erin and I met her back in … oh lord. 2004? Regardless. I’m so glad she’s doing it now. Because without this little gem to tide me over week to week, I can’t imagine the garbage I would be consuming in terms of magazine consumption.

Congratulations to you Odessa on your proffessional success and MUCH congrats and felicitations to you and James on your personal achievements. Erin and I both wish you much luck in your new life together!

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Style is a file (for iphones that is…)

Jun 09 2010 Published by Las Valentias under media

Recently on May 28, 2010, an iphone application launched (by way of Miki Setlur of Headset Labs) entitled “STYLEFILE- explore fashion”. It initially included 14 Canadian designers with a new one added each week.

We were lucky enough to have been approached in the first round and have found the application very useful. It acts like a handheld mini collection device. We are able to properly show our work on a handheld. As some may know, websites don’t quite load properly on cellphones and are difficult to navigate at times, what with all the throwing your fingers out diagonally to enlarge an image. Nothing is more frustrating when it doesn’t work and you sit there repeatedly “enlarging” an image and saying”sorry one minute….hold on… OH! there is is… wait it’s gone…what the hell is it doing?!…” Etc, etc.etc.

Regardless, with this application, those days are OVER.

SO. Please get this app for FREE (yessssss) at your app store and enjoy all the wonderful Las Valentias wonderfulness as well as all the other very talented Canadian design brands. This way you may spend your time wisely whilst riding the subway/streetcar/car/motorcycle/vespa/bike/pogo stick/dogsled.

And you can do it in style.

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