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Meteor shower!

Aug 12 2010 Published by Las Valentias under Other events, city locations

Tonight will be a meteor shower at 10:30pm – my studio mate informed me – I checked into it and according to USA Today – “Normally they’re about 70 to 80 an hour but tonight it could get up to over 100 an hour, that more than one a minute …”

I’m going to park myself on the patio (we have a view over looking lake Ontario as well as the city of Toronto) and marvel at the wonders of space.

I hope you enjoy it too!

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the perfect pairing.

Aug 12 2010 Published by Las Valentias under city locations, media

Last Saturday Erin and I had our picture taken on Ossington for the blog “the perfect pairing”.

The blog focuses on street fashion footwear. It’s really fun to see the interesting shoes – but terrible for the future of my bank account as I, like so many am addicted to beautiful shoes. To make matters worse –  I can find where each pair is from so easily from the descriptions located below each picture.

To see more from the perfect pairing Click here.

On another note – Erin’s shoes (located on the left of the above photo) are from Aldo and were quite reasonably priced. We liked them so much we ended up using them for our SS11 photoshoot. Pictures to follow soon.

My shoes (located on the right of the photo above this one) are from Chasse Gardee on Queen street West at Dovercourt. They were marked down 80% and are such a good investment. You can see them in the photo above located on one of the top most shelves. They had so many beautiful new arrivals as well as insanely well priced sale stock. I vowed to only purchase shoes in the future from this boutique. To find out more about Chasse Gardee click here.

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